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White Tea

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  1. No. 152 - Organic Nonpareil Silver Needle White Tea

    No. 152 - Organic Nonpareil Silver Needle White Tea

    We have carefully selected our organic Silver Needle White Tea to make sure it is absolute premium quality. When brewed, it has a pale golden color and subtle flowery fragrance. The taste of this Silver Needle is delicate, without any bitterness or strong flavor. Learn More
  2. No. 153 - Organic White Peony Tea

    No. 153 - Organic White Peony Tea

    White Peony Tea, or Bai Mudan Tea as it is called in China, is a slightly oxidised white tea, produced with the same minimal processing as Silver Needle white tea. The difference between the two is that Silver Needles is only made from the unopened new tea buds, while White Peony also includes one or two freshly opened leaves. When dry, this tea's leaves and buds are an olive-green color, covered in with a down-like covering of fine white hairs.

    Organic White Peony tea is premium quality tea produced by a gold medal winning plantation in Fujian.

    This year, good growing conditions mean that our White Peony has an excellent clean pekoe scented fragrance and taste. When it is brewed it will have a pale orange-yellow color, with a very subtle flavor, without any bitterness or astringent taste, characteristic of the best quality White Peony tea.

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  3. No. 154 - Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

    No. 154 - Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea

    Jasmine Silver Needles is a kind of jasmine- flavored white tea. Produced in Panxi, Fuding, Fujian, it is picked from pekoe (Da Bai Hao) tea tree. It is made through silver needle pekoe scented with jasmine. All the tea leaves should be picked before Pure Brightness and plucking time only lasts ten days. It is the superior grade of spring tea.

    Like Silver Needle, it is renowned for its health benefits, helping reduce the risk of heart attacks, some cancers and reducing the affects of aging.

    In addition, the jasmine scented with silver needle pekoe is produced in Hengxian, Guangxi, China, which is the most famous jasmine-producing area. Mixing the freshness and fragrance of jasmine, this Jasmine Silver Needles can clear and beat the heat, which is suitable for the one whom likes jasmine fragrance and be focus on health.

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  4. No. 155 - Silver Needle White Tea

    No. 155 - Silver Needle White Tea

    Silver Needle White Tea, also called Bai Hao Yin Zhen in Chinese is made of the buds of large-leaf white tea, not fermented. Its sweet and smooth taste will be sure worth your praise. White tea can be stored for a long time.

    Silver Needle White Tea has elegant appearance. The buds are of the length between 1.5 cm to 2.0 cm in neat and even size. A bud surrounded by tea leaf is called one bud and one leaf shape, or one bud and two leaves shape. This kind of shape of white tea has the same name as green tea’s, bird-tongue. The tea has bird-tongue-like leaves will be regarded as high quality.

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  5. No. 156 - Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea

    No. 156 - Chamomile Rose Silver Needle White Tea

    This is a tea of flower, made of Fuding needle white tea with rose and chamomile. When smelling the tea, the fragrance of rose wills firstly come to your nose. Then take a small sip, you will taste the flavor of chamomile. The refreshing flavor of white tea accompanies the floral scent. With such a rich flavor, the tea liquid will definitely satisfy your mouth. In the meantime, this tea is good for health, especially for drinking in hot summer, because white tea is good for relieving summer-heat, and chamomile can reduce inner heat. It is believed in traditional Chinese medicine that chamomile, rose and white tea have medicinal value. So this tea is a good choice for people who concern about your health. Learn More
  6. No. 197 - Aged Xantou Mandarin White Pu-erh Tea

    No. 197 - Aged Xantou Mandarin White Pu-erh Tea

    A new holiday classic! Cup is light with exotic mandarin sweetness. Orange peel imparts a natural flavor. Tastes like home. Learn More
  7. No. 249 - Tangerine Peel White Tea

    No. 249 - Tangerine Peel White Tea

    This ball-shaped white tea is wrapped with a piece of white cotton paper. When ripping off the wrapping paper, you will get a sweet familiar orange aroma smelling like the orange flavor candies of childhood. The orange peel ball has been separated into two parts with a circular incision, the upper part is the “lid “and the lower part is the “body “acting as a container which is stuffed with dry white tea leaves. As we known, Tea leaves are highly absorbent and can attract odor from anything they come in contact with. So by putting dried leaves inside the orange peel, we can create a new flavor tea that is slightly sweet in taste and has tasty orange aroma. Learn More
  8. No. 251 - Blueberry White Tea

    No. 251 - Blueberry White Tea

    Memories of wild New England blueberries fill the cup. The premium white tea accentuates a healthy fruity finish. Learn More
  9. No. 252 - Rainforest White Tea

    No. 252 - Rainforest White Tea

    Exquisite and exotic with notes of light cocoa, vanilla and pomegranate. Inspired by tropical rainforests. Learn More
  10. No. 253 - Icewine White Tea

    No. 253 - Ice Wine White Tea

    Smooth and silky with light Riesling and berry notes. A mild astringent finish. Learn More
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