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Breyting Coffee & Tea Co. - Ground Coffee

Breyting Coffee & Tea Co. - Ground Coffee

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Begin your day with one of these amazing Breyting Community Roaster coffees.

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Monster Blend:
Experience the Monster Blend crafted with Fred Schneider. As frontman, vocalist and lyricist for the “world’s greatest party band”, The B-52s, Fred and his bandmates gave us beloved songs like “Rock Lobster,” “Dance this Mess Around” and “Private Idaho” and chart-topping hits like “Love Shack” and “Roam”. Fred’s high-energy blend is generously caffeinated, scary-smooth, dark and deep, yet deceptively sweet. Fred has enlisted his monsters to roam the cosmos in search of the perfect beans to roast to a frighteningly intense flavor.

Snake Bomb:
Our Snake Bomb® blend has developed a cult-like following. It is a coffee to sip and savor. Originally nicknamed “The Champagne of Coffees” by the French, this full-bodied, smooth brew is complex and naturally sweet with explosive hints of citrus and chocolate. This coffee comes from the tropical mountains of Laos and Vietnam where family-run farms overlook the Mekong River as it snakes through the countryside. This beautiful scene masks a history as rich and complex as the coffee grown here.

Decades ago, coffee farmers migrated higher up the mountains to escape the bombing from the Southeast Asian conflicts. The coffee adapted unexpectedly well to the high altitude, rich volcanic soil and ample rainfall. This created a rare and distinctive flavor found only in this particular region. Laos is the most bombed country per capita on Earth. A portion of the proceeds from every bag goes toward the removal of unexploded bombs (UXO), UXO victim assistance programs and anti-venom projects for snakebites.

At Breyting Community Roaster™ we pride ourselves on knowing the names of all our farming partners and sharing a mutual passion for cultivating world-class coffee. Our reserve blend is a reflection of this belief; direct from the communities who grow it. We are proud to offer this exceptional coffee for this growing season: Deep complex flavor- smooth, savory, sweet: Smokey Chocolate.

Caffiene Snatchers:
Aliens with caffeine pumping through their veins have attacked our planet and are extracting our caffeine using advanced technologies. Luckily these aliens have a heart and know humans can’t survive without coffee and are leaving behind an amazing decaffeinated coffee for us to enjoy.

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About: Breyting Community Roaster is a vertically integrated roastery with an unwavering devotion to quality, ethics and activism.
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