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Syren - Saffron Tea

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Syren Saffron Tea: 20 tea bags.

To make this Syren saffron tea we have selected the finest teas from india and blended them in a right proportion with our prestigious Syren Saffron.

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Saffron is a spice obtained from the stigmas of the flower of CROCUS SATIVUS, commonly known as Rose of Saffron.

CROCUS SATIVUS belongs to the family of Iridaceae and it is characterised for having a purple flower with red stigmas and yellow stamens.

The flower of Crocus Sativus is sterile, because it is a hybrid that has been maintained for centuries because of the value of its stigmas. The reproduction of this plant is done with bulbs.

Each flower of Crocus Sativus has three stigmas of saffron, also called filaments, which are joined by the style.

 The stigma are of trumpet shape, they are bright red gradually changing to yellow in the style.

  • Stigma: feminine part of the flower, red colour and in trumpet shape.
  • Stamen: Masculine part of the flower, yellow colour. Floral waist.
  • Style: Extension of the Stigma that goes inside the flower. Yellow colour. It is considered Saffron if it is attached to the Stigma.

We need about 200.000 flowers to make one kilogram of saffron. Each flower is picked and separated by hand.

Additional Information


Experts in saffron since 1890, Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain is the company that produces Syren saffron and sells it all around the world.

Trust from customers is achieved only after many years doing things right

Doing things right means that a buyer of Syren saffron will always get the product they expect in terms of quality. In order to make sure that Syren is the best brand of saffron in the market, we do the following:

  1. Purchase only the best lots of saffron from farmers that we have been working with for many years.
  2. Analyze every lot of saffron using the most advanced laboratory tests to detect artificial colorants and adulterations.
  3. Clean the saffron: our skilled workers will detect and remove all the foreign matter that accidentally might have fallen into saffron during the process of separation of the stigma from the rest of the flower.
  4. Sieve the saffron: remove all the small broken filaments.
  5. Control the chemical components of saffron to make sure that it will give the hightest color, aroma and taste.
  6. Pack the saffron in boxes specially designed to keep the product in optimal conditions.

As a result, Syren saffron is guaranteed to be of first quality as defined by the international standards ISO Cat. 1 and free of any kind of adulteration.

Ingredients Tea & Saffron
Product of: Spain
Organic No
Volume No
Weight 1.06 oz