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White & Blue Poppy Seeds

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Poppy Seeds are small, nutty-tasting seeds, mostly used in baked goods for color, texture and mild, floral and earthy flavor.

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Both the slightly larger, oilier, bluish black poppy seeds and the smaller, creamy white poppy seeds have a sweet, pleasant aroma and mild, nutty taste. Blue poppy seeds are strong in flavor, especially after toasting, and are popular in eastern Europe, Holland, Germany, ans Austria, where they appear in stollen, tortes, dumplings, Bohnemian kolache, and noodle casseroles. White poppy seeds are prized for their thickening properties, especially for creamy Moghul-style Indian korma sauces. No, 162 No. 163

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Common Uses

Blue Poppy Seeds:
Use in cookies, cakes, breads and muffins for flavor and texture. Pairs well with lemon. Dry roasting enhances flavor.

White Poppy Seeds:
Add to lemon muffins or cake, as well as bagels, rolls and bread. Add flavor and texture to salads, desserts and noodle dishes. Sprinkle on potato dishes and on hearty vegetables such as cauliflower.

History Poppies originated in the eastern Mediterranean, where 3,500 years ago the Sumerians called it "plant of joy". Poppy was valued for it's oil, though its narcotic and painkilling powers were also well-known.
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Ingredients Poppy Seed
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