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No. 125 - Red Cardamom (Cao Guo)

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Red Cardamom are the ripe, whole fruits of an herb related to ginger. Red Cardamom is frequently used in Chinese and other Asian cuisines.

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Tsaoko fruit comes from a perennial herb related to the ginger family. The plant thrives in the world's rain forests and tropical regions, with brightly colored flowers, long leaves and slender stems. In China, tsaoko fruit is produced mainly in the Yunna, Guangxi and Guizhou provinces. The fruit is gathered in the autumn when ripe, cleaned, then dried in the sun. Once dried, the outer shell of the fruit is removed, as are the fruit's seeds. Tsaoko fruit contains an essential oil comprised of numerous chemicals, including cineole, geraniol, and camphor. The essential has been shown to exhibit antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in a laboratory setting.

Additional Information

Common Uses Add to slow cooked vegetarian dishes, especially beans, root vegetables or greens, for unexpectedly deep flavor. Use in authentic Chinese-style red-braised meats. Red Cardamom's slightly sharp flavor offers a wonderful balance to rich and fatty cuts of meat like pork belly or beef. Blend ground Red Cardamom into creamy or fruit-based desserts. Adds an unusual floral note to rice and pasta dishes.
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Ingredients Red Cardamom
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