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Dried Green Chives

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Chives have a mild onion flavor. Their pungency is not as pronounced as that of garlic and onions, which are considered the bigger cousins of chives. The delicate flavor that chives impart to food makes it a very useful herb to use in a variety of situations .Chives are also rich in vitamins A and C, and are rich in calcium and iron.

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Chives have a wide variety of culinary uses, such as in traditional dishes in France, Sweden, and elsewhere. Chives are used with soups, fish, and sandwiches. The flowers may also be used to garnish dishes. In Poland and Germany, chives are served with quark cheese. Chives are one of the fines herbes of French cuisine, which also include tarragon, chervil, or parsley.

Additional Information

Common Uses Eggs, potatoes, sauces, stews, soups, salads, mayonnaise, butter, sour cream, vegetables, stir-frys, and breads.
History Chives have been cultivated in Europe since the Middle Ages (fifth until the 15th centuries), although their usage dates back 5000 years. They were sometimes referred to as "rush leeks" (from the Greek schoinos meaning rush and prason meaning leek). The Romans believed chives could relieve the pain from sunburn or a sore throat. They believed eating chives could increase blood pressure and act as a diuretic. Romanian Gypsies have used chives in fortune telling.[29] Bunches of dried chives hung around a house were believed to ward off disease and evil.
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