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Herbes & Spices

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  1. Ground Turmeric (5.5% Curcumin)

    Ground Turmeric (5.5% Curcumin)

    A relative of ginger, and is a major ingredient in Indian curries, gives American mustard its bright yellow hue, and is a medicinal spice that is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Learn More
  2. Green Cardamom

    Green Cardamom

    Green Cardamom seeds come wrapped in a paper-like shell, holding their warm, spicy-sweet flavor and delicate floral aroma. Ground Cardamom has a strong, sweet, pungent flavor with hints of lemon, mint and eucalyptus. Decorticated Cardamom consists of the seeds of the green cardamom pod, making for a convenient way to add the warm, spicy-sweet flavor and delicate aroma of cardamom to any recipe. Learn More
  3. ground Galangal


    Galangal is a spice that is related to ginger and common in several Southeast Asian cuisines. Its taste is similar to ginger, but stronger, with notes of citrus, mustard and pine. Learn More
  4. blue Lavender

    Whole Lavender Flowers "Super Blue"

    Super Blue Lavender Flowers grow both wild and cultivated in the rocky soil of the mountainous Provence region. The petite, blue to violet-colored flowers, which have a sweet, herbaceous scent, have numerous sweet and savory culinary applications.

    Learn More
  5. Mustards

    Mustard Seeds

    Mustard Seeds have a sharp and pungent but balanced taste and aroma that is released when toasted or ground. Learn More
  6. Ground Leaf Sassafras

    Filé Powder (Ground Sassafras Leaves)

    Ground Sassafras Leaf is the pulverized leaf of a common deciduous tree with a unique herbaceous flavor that is common in Cajun and Creole cuisines. We grind dried waxy, glossy sassafras leaves to a fine, woodsy green powder. Learn More
  7. Mexican Oregano

    Mexican Oregano

    Mexican Oregano is similar to the more common Mediterranean oregano and marjoram, but with a more robust, pungent flavor. Learn More
  8. Whole Fancy Dill Weed

    Whole Fancy Dill Weed

    Dried Dill Weed is the dried green leaves of the common garden herb. Light and citrusy, it makes an excellent partner to creamy dressings and seafood. Learn More
  9. Blue Poppy Seed

    Poppy Seeds

    Poppy Seeds are small, nutty-tasting seeds, mostly used in baked goods for color, texture and mild, floral and earthy flavor. Learn More
  10. Ground Sumac Powder

    Ground Sumac

    Ground Sumac is simply the tangy, citrusy powder from the fruit of the sumac shrub, most often used in classic Middle Eastern seasonings. Learn More
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