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No. 255 - Wild Pepper of Madagascar "Voatsiperifery Pepper"

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Madagascar pepper features a medium sized berry, brownish-gray in color, with a rich aroma reminiscent of hickory smoke or charred oak barrels. The flavor is mild and not too hot. Some Chefs in France refuse to use anything else.

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Voatsiperifery name is derived from the local language, “Voa” meaning the fruits and “tsiperifery” means this pepper vine. The wild pepper vines grow high in the trees, and the fruits only grow on the young, new grown shoots and are hand-harvested from the wild by farmers once a year. Voatsiperifery pepper is about 3 mm long oval with a 5–6 mm long tail. Wild Madagascan Pepper has a brown-black color similar to normal black pepper. Its picking is hard as the vines go very high making picking impossible, hence, they come in different levels of maturity.

Additional Information

Common Uses Ideal for seasoning fish and seafood recipes. White meats such as pork or lamb, also on fruit strawberries, pears and even chocolate.
History At one time this was an extremely rare spice. But it is gradually becoming a staple spice for adventurous and inventive cooks. Madagascar was once a colony of France, and the close relationship continues with most of their peppercorns being exported to there.
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