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No. 249 - Cambodia Red Kampot Pepper

Quick Overview

The red peppercorns are green peppercorns that have been left on the vine for four months longer. They retain their color when dried and are the sweetest and most expensive variety because they take longer to mature. Its taste combines the spicy, mature flavor of black pepper with a sugary sweetness.

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Between the sea and the mountains on Cambodia’s south eastern coast is the province of Kampot. It’s here that pepper plantations thrive in ideal growing conditions. The ancient red soil, rich in quartz and other minerals, along with rainfall and sunshine as well as traditional, farming methods to nurture the piper nigrum vines producing the world’s most exceptional pepper.

The pepper vines take three years to grow to production stage. When the pepper berry is fully mature and turns bright red on the vine, it is harvested. Kampot pepper red has a commanding and fruity aroma. Its taste combines the spicy, mature flavor of black pepper with a sugary sweetness.

All colors of Kampot pepper have the jasmine-like quality that makes them justifiably famous.

Finest Asian spice

Kampot pepper taste fruity and spicy and will develop its unique flavor in your peppermil. In order to enjoy it fully, it is recommended, for example, to pepper steak after grilling. Kampot pepper is consider like the finest Asian spice in high gastronomy.

- Black Kampot pepper goes well with red meats, game, salads, soups and sauces.
- White Kampot pepper goes well with fish, poultry, seafood, salads, light sauces and soups.
- Red Kampot pepper will be perfect with to game, poultry, pork, fish, pies, vegetables, cheese, exotic fruit salads and desserts.

Why choose Kampot Pepper?

Natural Pepper: Our Cambodian farmer didn't use chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides. He use traditional and natural fertilizers bases on vegetables and crabs waste. Indeed, city of Kampot is located closed to the sea in Cambodia.

Fresh Pepper: The new harvest start in february until may. With Kampot Pepper Asia, you are insure to buy fresh Kampot peppercorns from the year. For optimal use of taste and flavors, it is good to know that the peppercorns can be keep 3 years and the ground pepper can be keep 3 months without alteration.

Terroir: We work with only one local farmer, that you have select for quality of its Kampot pepper. Our black, red or white pepper isnt a mix of different fields or farmers. Our Kampot pepper is a reflection of an unique terroir.

Quality: Our Kampot pepper is picked and sorted by hand. All our peppercorns meet a certain quality and the others are removed with tweezers.

Culinary properties: You will be surprise by its deep spicy flavors. Kampot pepper is a spice sought which is known to the delight of chefs in the world. Its consider like one of the best pepper in the world.



Additional Information

Common Uses Use it as a seasoning at the table, particularly with seafood, sprinkle on top of salads, pastas, pork, beef or duck recipes and desserts.
History Peppercorns have been cultivated in Cambodia since the 13th century, but the industry really boomed under French colonial rule in the 19th and 20th centuries, when European chefs started appreciating Kampot pepper's notably floral and slightly sweet flavor. The pepper's most important characteristic, is its tendency to linger on the tongue.
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