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No. 212 - Kibbled Portobello Mushrooms

Quick Overview

Portabella Mushrooms are a very large, round, firm mushroom with a flat, open brown cap and blackish gills. The interior flesh is creamy white to light gray. They have a meaty texture and a mild, woodsy flavor that make them a popular vegetarian substitution for meat in numerous dishes.

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Kibbled Dried Portabellas are made from the same high-quality dried Portabella Mushrooms we sell whole. Dried Portabella Mushrooms have a stronger, more intense flavor than fresh. Reconstitute easily and have a long shelf life. Popular as meat substitute in vegetarian dishes.

Additional Information

Common Uses Add to sauces, stews, couscous, soups. Sauté with wine, cream, salt, pepper and butter, then drizzle over steaks or beef dishes. Add to a soup, gravy or sauce and simmer for 15 minutes. Enhance steaks, chops, poultry, seafood and grilled vegetables. Marinate Portobellos in red wine, garlic and herbs.
History No
Region(s) No
Ingredients Portabello Mushrooms
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Organic No