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  1. Madécasse - 3 Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    Madécasse - 3 Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    Hand cultivated by farming cooperatives in Madagascar. Top quality, bakers-grade. Learn More
  2. Granulated Molasses

    No. 154 - Granulated Molasses

    Granulated Molasses provides a convenient way to incorporate the natural, smoky, sweetening power of molasses without the sticky storage and application. Learn More
  3. Granulated Honey

    No. 141 - Granulated Honey

    Granulated Honey provides a convenient way to add the naturally rich sweetness of honey to recipes in a dry, easy-to-store form. Learn More
  4. Vanilla Bean Powder

    No. 179 - Vanilla Bean Powder

    Vanilla Bean Powder is created from whole vanilla beans that have been ground into a fine powder. The pod and seeds themselves have both been ground, ensuring maximum use of the flavor of the pod. Learn More
  5. Vanilla Sugar

    No. 177 - Vanilla Sugar Powder

    Vanilla Sugar Powder is a delicious infusion of natural vanilla bean flavor into fine sugar that is ideal for many sweet cooking and baking applications. Learn More
  6. Pumpkin Pie seasoning

    No. 164 - Pumpkin Pie Spice

    Pumpkin Pie Spice is a warming, sweet spice blend with an iconic, beloved flavor that conjures up fall and winter. We mix cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice to create a seasoning powder to add to your favorite pumpkin dishes. Learn More
  7. Cocoa Nibs

    No. 132 - Cocoa Nibs

    Cocoa Nibs are made from the finest of cacao beans that are roasted and lightly crushed to make these fragmented pieces, perfect for infusing or using in baked goods. Learn More
  8. Healing Spices

    Healing Spices

    Throughout history, certain spices have been revered for their healing power, naturally providing remedies for a wide range of ailments. The Spice Lab has carefully curated a line of Healing Spices to promote health and wellness. Numerous scientific studies* reinforce the natural benefits of these spices. Learn More
  9. Mayan Drinking Chocolate (Spice (New))

    No. 253 - Mayan Drinking Chocolate

    An ancient Mayan style of hot chocolate that is rich, thick and creamy. Learn More
  10. 5095100 - Citric Acid

    No. 95 - Citric Acid - Sour Salt

    Because it is one of the stronger edible acids, the dominant use of citric acid is used as a flavoring and preservative in food and beverages, especially soft drinks.

    Citric acid can be added to ice cream as an emulsifying agent to keep fats from separating, to caramel to prevent sucrose crystallization, or in recipes in place of fresh lemon juice. Citric acid sold in a dry powdered form is commonly sold in markets and groceries as "sour salt", due to its physical resemblance to table salt. It has use in culinary applications, as an alternative to vinegar or lemon juice, where a pure acid is needed.

    Citric acid can be used in food coloring to balance the pH level of a normally basic dye.

    Learn More
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