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  1. Emile Henry - Ruffled Pie Dishes

    Emile Henry - Ruffled Pie Dishes

    Our Ruffled pie dishes are ideal for all your fruity desserts: clafoutis with cherries, apples or pears...and you can use it for making all sorts of cakes. Learn More
  2. H1016107 - Emile Henry - Tarte Tatin Set,Burgundy

    Emile Henry - Tarte Tatin Set

    It's quick and easy! Turn out and present your tarte tatin directly on the serving platter. Lovingly prepared in an entirely natural cooking utensil.

    Learn More
  3. Ginger


    Ginger (Zingiber Officinale) is the root of a plant cultivated all over Asia. It is native to tropical Asia and was introduced to Africa by the Portuguese and to the West Indies by the Spanish. Learn More
  4. Healing Spices

    Healing Spices

    Throughout history, certain spices have been revered for their healing power, naturally providing remedies for a wide range of ailments. The Spice Lab has carefully curated a line of Healing Spices to promote health and wellness. Numerous scientific studies* reinforce the natural benefits of these spices. Learn More
  5. Indonesian Cassia Cinnamon "Korintje"

    Indonesian Cassia Cinnamon "Korintje"

    One of the oldest spices in the world, it has long been considered a medicinal plant. With a deep color, strong flavor and a sharp, bitter edge that goes well with coffee. Learn More
  6. Madécasse - 3 Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    Madécasse - 3 Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    Hand cultivated by farming cooperatives in Madagascar. Top quality, bakers-grade. Learn More
  7. Cocoa Nibs

    No. 132 - Cocoa Nibs

    Cocoa Nibs are made from the finest of cacao beans that are roasted and lightly crushed to make these fragmented pieces, perfect for infusing or using in baked goods. Learn More
  8. Granulated Honey

    No. 141 - Granulated Honey

    Granulated Honey provides a convenient way to add the naturally rich sweetness of honey to recipes in a dry, easy-to-store form. Learn More
  9. Maple Sugar powder

    No. 152 - Maple Sugar Powder

    Our Maple Sugar Powder offers pure maple flavor in a convenient powdered form. This coarse powder makes adding maple flavor quick and easy, without having to add any liquid. Learn More
  10. Granulated Molasses

    No. 154 - Granulated Molasses

    Granulated Molasses provides a convenient way to incorporate the natural, smoky, sweetening power of molasses without the sticky storage and application. Learn More
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