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  1. 4089100 - Himalayan Crystal Diamond 'Halite' Salt (Stones)

    No. 89 - Himalayan Crystal Diamond 'Halite' Salt (Stones)

    This salt is perfect for a salt shaver, salt lamp or just fun to play with; its crystal clear pure salt crystals. Learn More
  2. No. 90 - India Kala Namak Black Salt (Stones)

    No. 90 - India Kala Namak Black Salt (Stones)

    The Kala Namak salt is also known under the name Black Salt, is a specialty in the Pakistan / Indian cuisine. Learn More
  3. 4037100 - Himalayan Pink Salt (Light Stones)

    No. 53 - Himalayan Pink Salt (Olive Stones)

    These dark pink olive stones are considered the premium quality “Pink Salt”. We only carry the best quality Himalayan salts. Learn More

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