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  1. Casina Rossa  ​"Porcini & Salt"

    Casina Rossa - Porcini & Salt

    Sea salt mixed with sun-dried porcini, onions, garlic, and herbs. Enhances roasted game, halibut or chicken, risottos, and sautéed mushrooms. Learn More
  2. Casina Rossa Truffle Trio Gift Box

    Casina Rossa - Truffles Trio Mini Set

    Best selling gift box containing mini-jars of Truffle Honey, Truffle Shavings in Olive Oil, and Truffle & Salt. Fantastic for the Truffle connoisseur. Learn More
  3. No. 11 - French Fleur de Sel 'Flower of the Sea' Salt

    No. 11 - French Fleur de Sel 'Flower of the Sea' Salt

    This is truly the best of the best of French gourmet sea salts. Learn More
  4. No. 134 - Sugpo Asin Philippines Pink Salt

    No. 134 - Sugpo Asin Philippines Pink Salt

    Sugpo Asin is a moist, naturally pink sea salt and originates from a sustainable dual crop system. Learn More
  5. 4145100 - Mediterranean Salt (Coarse)

    No. 145 - Mediterranean Salt (Coarse)

    Harvested in the South of Italy, where they have been producing salt since 200 B.C.; Mediterranean Salt is known for its mild flavor and bright white crystals. It's naturally high in magnesium, which makes this a very high-quality salt. Learn More
  6. 4157100 - Fleur de Sel Salt

    No. 157 - Fleur de Sel Salt

    White Gold or Mayan Sea Salt has been the subject of numerous books and scholarly papers written about the trade routes of the ancient Mayans. Learn More
  7. No. 158 - French Grey 'Dried' Salt (Coarse)

    No. 158 - French Grey 'Dried' Salt (Coarse)

    An unrefined natural salt, enriched with elements, especially magnesium, with a taste reminiscent of the sea and winds of Celtic Brittany. Learn More
  8. 4016100 - Japanese Aguni Island Bamboo Salt

    No. 16 - Japanese Aguni Island "Bamboo" Salt

    A very special salt from an obscure Japanese island, created by a highly complex natural process involving the crystal clear sea, wind, sun, bamboo trees and slow-heating with wood. Learn More
  9. 4163100 - Sierra Nevada Spring Salt (Coarse)

    No. 163 - Sierra Nevada Spring Salt

    Favorable climatic conditions for the evaporation of water and crystallization of this special salt prevail in the Sierra Nevada from spring until autumn. Learn More
  10. 4164100 - Flor del Delta

    No. 164 - Flor del Delta Salt

    Our Mediterranean flower of salt, Flor del Delta, is natural, fragile and delicate. Learn More
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