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No. 134 - Sugpo Asin Philippines Pink Salt

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No. 134 - Sugpo Asin Philippines Pink Salt

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Sugpo Asin is a moist, naturally pink sea salt and originates from a sustainable dual crop system.

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Sugpo Asin (sûg-pô ä-sin) is a moist, naturally pink sea salt and originates from a sustainable dual crop system. Half the year the property is used as a shrimp farm - harvesting giant tiger prawns - and the other half of the year, a salt farm. As a result of this farming method, the salt obtains the natural pinkish color of shrimp. This is a full-bodied salt, yet it wears its weight gracefully. Is an incredibly labor-intensive process. Producing a flavorful, quality salt requires generations of experience, clean seawater and natural heat from the sun. Each variety has its own distinctive chemical composition creating its unique flavor profile.variety: Philippine Fleur de Sel. The structure of our sea salts contain both the granular and flake crystals. This composition provides texture from the hollow crystals while the flakiness melts immediately on the palate to yield instantaneous taste. As a result of extreme temperatures during salt season ranging in 100+ Fahrenheit degrees, crystals form instantaneously, creating hollow saline structures, a textural element that chefs appreciate. Furthermore, because of the temperature, the Fleur de Sel flake is not separated but harvested as it forms. A combination of the granular and flake crystals creates a unique mouth feel while a rich balance of minerals and texture culminates in a salt crystal that is pleasing to the touch and palate.small production levels: due to the farming method of hand production and dependence on the weather, only small quantities of salt are harvested. Each salt bed can produce only 40-50 kilos per day, depending on the bed size.

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Product of: Philippines