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  1. 4056100 - Hawaiian Pink Passion Salt (Fine)_A

    No. 13 - Hawaiian Black Lava Salt (Medium)

    With stunning black color and silky texture, reminiscent of Hawaii’s black lava sand beaches, this salt is enriched with activated charcoal. Learn More
  2. 4155100 - Hawaiian Cabernet Salt

    No. 155 - Hawaiian Cabernet Salt

    Hawaiian Cabernet is full bodied, complex aromas and red wine flavor lend this fine blended salt as the perfect "secret" ingredient in a wide array of dishes. Learn More
  3. 4156100 - Hawaiian Balsamic Salt

    No. 156 - Hawaiian Balsamic Salt

    Blush Balsamic Aromatic, enchanting and elegant. The intricacy of this blend offers intrigue and lusciousness in salads, pastas and complex sauces. Learn More
  4. 4199100 - Chili Lime Margarita Salt

    No. 199 - Chili Lime Margarita Salt

    This is a delicious Chili salt with a Lime twist; it's used across Asia on fresh Mango and Pineapples and gives your taste buds a special treat. Learn More
  5. 4168100 - Piran Traditional Salt

    No. 168 - Piran Traditional Salt

    The sea salt comes from the Piran saltern at the northern edge of the Istrian peninsula in Slovenia. The sea salt is gathered by hand at certain times in accordance with centuries-old tradition in the ecologically inspected national park "Secovlje Saline". Learn More
  6. 4208100 - French Fleur de Syrah Salt

    No. 208 - French Fleur de Syrah Salt

    Spicy, exotic, peppery - like Syrah, it pairs will with grills, lamb and mutton. It also works on a fresh spring salad with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Add depth to your dishes with a pinch of Syrah salt. Spice up your desires! Turn your simple dishes into little works of art and taste. Learn More
  7. 4209100 - French Fleur de Pinot Salt

    No. 209 - French Fleur de Pinot Salt

    Flavors of wild berries, with purple hues, it will awaken your senses. This salt has a very aromatic, complex aroma. It pairs well with game, and fish. Spice up your desires! Learn More
  8. 4202100 - Tropical Hibiscus Salt

    No. 202 - Tropical Hibiscus Salt

    Roselle (Hibiscus Flowers, Rosa de Jamaica) a staple in Guatemalan cooking; Rosa de Jamaica Hibiscus is used for its flavor and vivid pink color. Our Tropical Hibiscus salt is a perfect addition to your kitchen, it can be used on salads and fruits, and even on meats - will add a note of tropical flavors to your cooking. Learn More
  9. 4191100 - Maine Applewood Smoked Salt (Medium)

    No. 191 - Artisan Applewood Smoked Salt (Medium)

    We smoke our salt over a fire until the fragrance and smoke of the wood has permeated each crystal. Distinctive smoked salt flavors are created by using natural Apple and Alder woods, without artificial color or flavors added to salt from the Atlantic Ocean. Learn More
  10. No. 226 - Hawaiian Molokai Coffee Salt

    No. 226 - Hawaiian Molokai Coffee Salt

    A wonderful combination of Hawaiian sea salt and Hawaiian coffee, resulting in a delectably balanced warm-cup-of-java flavor. Learn More
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