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  1. 4102100 - Italian White Truffle Salt

    No. 102 - Italian White Truffle Salt

    White Alba truffles from the Northern Italian countryside are blended with hand-harvested Sicilian sea salt to create this special salt. Learn More
  2. 4103100 - Italian Black Truffle Salt

    No. 103 - Italian Black Truffle Salt

    Italian Black Truffle Salt uses the unique power of Sicilian sea salt to intensify the flavor and aroma of this prized Italian mushroom. Learn More
  3. 4106100 - Thai Ginger Salt

    No. 106 - Thai Ginger Salt

    Thai Ginger Sea Salt combines the clean simple flavor of sea salt with fresh juicy ginger. Learn More
  4. 4107100 - Chinese Sichuan Pepper Salt

    No. 107 - Chinese Sichuan Pepper Salt

    Sichuan is synonymous with Chinese cooking; mixed with salt, an entirely new seasoning is created. Learn More
  5. 4109100 - Indian Spicy Curry Salt

    No. 109 - Spicy Indian Curry Salt

    We searched for the best blend of these spices to combine with sea salt to create this unique salt which has a deeper more complex essence than some of its counterparts. Learn More
  6. 4110100 - Spanish Rosemary Salt

    No. 110 - Spanish Rosemary Salt

    Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt is an all natural sea salt that delivers a straight from the herb garden flavor. A perfect pairing with roasted potatoes, it will make this simple dish extraordinary. Add to any dish to give it a fresh herbal taste. Learn More
  7. 4114100 - Japanese Matcha Green Tea Salt

    No. 114 - Japanese Matcha Green Tea Salt

    Matcha is renowned for its health benefits but is now making a splash in gourmet cooking worldwide. Learn More
  8. 4118100 - Habanero Pepper Salt

    No. 118 - Habanero Pepper Salt

    Yeehaw! This spicy pepper salt will put a spring in your step. We use ground down high-quality, high-heat habaneros to create an intense sea salt with a kick. Learn More
  9. 4120100 - Espresso Salt

    No. 120 - Espresso Salt

    It's not only a delicious addition to chocolates and desserts, it is also a rising star in rubs and marinades for steak, pork, or whatever you can think of! Learn More
  10. 4128100 - Spanish Chorizo Salt

    No. 128 - Spanish Chorizo Salt

    If you are looking for that authentic Spanish / Portuguese flavor in your dishes, this is the salt for you. Learn More
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