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Workhorse Rye - Salted Cacao Bitters

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Salted Cacao Bitters deliver baking spices and carefully sourced salinity alongside the star of the show: bright, rich, lightly bitter cacao. Direct-sourced and roasted by Dandelion Chocolate of San Francisco, they are best used in anything from baked goods to mezcal cocktails.

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Salted Cacao Bitters came from a desire to work with Dandelion Chocolate, plain and simple. Their work is inspiring and delicious. What came from that relationship has blown the minds of both us and Dandelion Chocolate. We love these bitters. So versatile.

Dandelion's sourcing and roasting of cacao is phenomenal. How so? Cacao, just like any other agricultural product like coffee or grain or sugar, needs to be sourced. Cacao and coffee do not grow in northern California, they must be sought after in more tropical and enigmatic locations. Dandelion Chocolate goes directly to the source and positively impacts the farmers with whom they work. To match this high level of care, we procure organic herbs and spices that meet each type of chocolate in whatever way appropriate. These, like our Coffee Rye Bitters, are Single Origin Salted Cacao bitters. Each batch features a different cacao grower. But the base is quite consistent. We are looking for a "baking spice" tone, as well as plenty of voice from red wine which acts as both a body and sweetness booster. Add these bitters to your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (use it alongside or instead of vanilla extract), a hot chocolate, a Manhattan Cocktail, BBQ sauce, almond milk, and of course soda. Above all, they play beautifully with any drink made with Mezcal, that may be their true calling in fact.

Best uses:
 - MEZCAL! Use this in Mezcal Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, etc.
 - Highball: 1.5 oz rye, 4 oz soda, 3 one-inch sleeves of Salted Cacao Bitters
 - Horchata
 - Almond milk + Salted Cacao Bitters = chocolate milk of epic proportions. A good starting ratio is 8 oz of milk to 4 sleeves of bitters
 - Cookies: add a tablespoon in to your favorite cookie recipe
 - Flips: any drink with a whole egg, 1.5 oz high proof rye, 1/2 oz maple syrup, whole egg, 4 sleeves Salted Cacao Bitters

Additional Information


We are gypsy distillers, which means we rent time and space from other people's distillery and infrastructure. Because of the trials and tribulations of brewing and distilling in two different locations (this was out of necessity: for three years we brewed in downtown San Francisco and trucked thousands of gallons of beer at a time over to distill at Treasure Island Distillery), in 2014 we started working out of a fantastic new facility in Livermore, California (about an hour east of San Francisco) called Sutherland Distillery. We are proud to work with them; their people, ethics, equipment, and space are top notch. They have gone to great lengths to design and build a sustainable distillery that is exceptionally water conscious, and best of all we absolutely love the products they make themselves under their own brand.

Ingredients No
Product of: United States
Organic Yes
Volume 1 fl oz; 4 fl oz
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