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Workhorse Rye - Flowers & Cacao Bitters

Workhorse Rye - Flowers & Cacao Bitters

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We love the fresh and blooming spring...thus we decided to bottle our most nostalgic vision of it. Could there be a better gift than a bar of chocolate and a bouquet? Nay.

Aromatic flowers of many kinds, bitter roots, and directly sourced cacao by Dandelion Chocolate are center stage in these versatile barrel aged bitters. Made and barreled last spring, bottled this spring.

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 - Rye - 70% west coast rye, 20% barley malt, 10% wheat malt
 - IPA spirit - distilled Magnolia Brewing’s “Proving Ground IPA”

Sweetness & Texture:
 - Cacao direct sourced in Ambanja, Madagascar and roasted in San Francisco by Dandelion Chocolate
 - D'anjou pears grown by Mt. Hood Organic Farms (certified organic and biodynamic) in volcanic soil on the north slope of the glorious mountain
 - Piran Sel Gris the legendary high mineral content, denomination of origin protected sea salt from Slovenia, sourced by Bitterman Salt Co

 - Pink & red roses
 - Damiana
 - Rose geranium
 - Lavender
 - Creosote blossom
 - Hibiscus
 - Vanilla orchid
 - Jasmine
 - Clove flower
 - Chamomile

Bittering agents:
 - Gentian root
 - Marshmallow root
 - Quassia bark
 - Roasted cacao husk

Cocktails & Other Uses:
 - Pisco or Whiskey Sour - put one sleeve into shaker with all ingredients, then adorn the top of the cocktail with a dozen or so drops once poured
 - Rye Old Fashioned - 2 oz Rye Whiskey, 1/2 oz honey syrup, 1-3 sleeves bitters on an ice cube
 - Mezcal Martini - 2 oz Agave Spirit, 1.25 oz Dry Vermouth, 1 sleeve of bitters
 - Iced Coffee - with almond milk, maple, and bitters
 - Bitter Cream Soda - 4-6 oz soda (substitute kombucha if feeling reckless), 2 oz Mezcal Crema by Del Maguey, 2 sleeves of Flowers & Cacao Bitters
 - Floral Chocolate Cookies - add the same amount of Flowers & Cacao Bitters as vanilla extract

Additional Information


We are gypsy distillers, which means we rent time and space from other people's distillery and infrastructure. Because of the trials and tribulations of brewing and distilling in two different locations (this was out of necessity: for three years we brewed in downtown San Francisco and trucked thousands of gallons of beer at a time over to distill at Treasure Island Distillery), in 2014 we started working out of a fantastic new facility in Livermore, California (about an hour east of San Francisco) called Sutherland Distillery. We are proud to work with them; their people, ethics, equipment, and space are top notch. They have gone to great lengths to design and build a sustainable distillery that is exceptionally water conscious, and best of all we absolutely love the products they make themselves under their own brand.

Ingredients No
Product of: United States
Organic Yes
Volume 2 fl oz
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