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Morelli - Ricci, Canapa

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The seeds of hemp are Torchiati to extract the oil, the pulp that remains is finely minced and from here you have the flour Cannabis Seeds containing 5-10% oil, about 30% of protein, fiber and minerals.

The seed flour Hemp reinforces and adjusts the response of the immune system, the hormonal system and thenervous system and this is given by the presence of omega 6 and omega 3, able to prevent or treat diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, arthrosis, asthma, autoimmune diseases in general, depression.

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The products of the ancient Morelli pasta production factory are unique, the secret being an ingredient that is not found in most common types of pasta, which is wheat germ, the heart of the grain itself and which contains vitamin A, vitamin D, as well as vegetable protein.

During the normal cereal grinding process, the wheat germ is removed from the semolina in order to reduce the perishability of the product.

The pasta factories are forced to process the flour without the wheat germ.

But thanks to the craft workmanship methods used by the Morelli Pasta Factory the wheat germ, that is always fresh, is re-incorporated into the semolina; and this has given rise to our slogan “OUR PASTA IS SOMETHING ELSE“.

Through years of using the wheat germ ingredient the ancient Morelli Pasta Factory has succeeded in obtaining a pasta with a unique and delicious taste, which releases a wonderful aroma on cooking, the cooking water, taking on a slight green hue, as the result of the presence of the fresh wheat germ ingredient.

The ancient Morelli Pasta Factory was founded in 1860, and is a family-run enterprise, the fifth generation of the Morelli family, siblings Lucia, Antonio and Marco, continue to run the company today preserving its traditions. It produces a vast range of specialties, using ancient craft techniques, free of both preservatives and coloring agents. The result is truly wholesome pasta, with a wonderfully rich flavor and full consistency.

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