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Olive Oil Tasting Glass

Quick Overview

Blue seamless and stemless glass used by official olive oil tasters around the world with ground watch-glass lid.

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Blue seamless and stemless glass used by official olive oil tasters around the world with ground watch-glass lid.

- Stemless and seamless to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, warm the oil and release the aroma as well as fit the indentations of the heating unit so that the bottom of the glass is evenly heated.
- Maximum steadiness to prevent glass from tilting and olive oil from spilling.
- Dark blue to prevent taster from being influenced by olive oil color.
- Ground watch-glass lid to capture the organaleptics (odor, taste, flavor).

6 Steps to Tasting Olive Oil Like a Pro

Discover the oil tasting steps to better appreciate all the fragrances!
1) Pour the oil into a small glass and swirl it to release all of its aromas.
2) Smell the oil, alternately inhaling briefly and deeply, trying to capture the different sensations.
3) Now taste a small quantity of oil, trying to keep it between your lower lip and tightly clenched teeth.
4) At the same time, inhale gently at first, then more vigorously in order to vaporize the oil throughout your mouth and make contact with your taste buds.
5) Then, memorizing all the nuances of aroma and flavor, exhale from your nose so that the particles of emulsified oil hit the olfactory membrane, giving you an even more exact sensation.
6) If you have gotten enough information, spit out the oil.

H1008101 - Olive Oil Tasting Glass

Additional Information

About: At our Gourmet Factory Direct Store and distribution center, we’ve combined 40+ years of growing, manufacturing, commercialization and consulting experience to create a complete turnkey solution for brands, retailers and end-users. We’ve traveled the world, meeting and working with growers and mills in nearly every olive oil producing country. And over the years, we’ve become trusted advisers, helping them make production, equipment and commercialization decisions. This unique relationship permits us to have the best available products and prices.
Care: Hand-wash prefered; dishwasher safe
Product of: United States
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