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Magna Olea - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The exceptional award-winning oil from Northern Portugal is produced from locally-grown Cobrançosa olives and cold extracted within 24 hours of harvest. The oil is medium green with notes of fresh cut grass, tomato, banana peel and olive leaf with a slightly sweet and prolonged spicy aftertaste. Excellent for dipping and drizzling over freshly toasted bread as well as finishing grilled vegetables and fish.

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Magna Olea is an extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Its main caractheristics are aromatic fruitiness with green olives and fresh grass. Magna Olea has its presence with a smooth bitter-sweet sensation to start, giving place to an exotic melting pot of flavors, with notes of apple, banana or tomato, dry fruits (almond an walnut), ending with a longstanding spicy. Every year different notes and intensities make each harvest unique although keeping a strong identity. Because of the early harvest and cold extraction during the olive oil production, from olives just a small part (10%) will turn into olive oil which does Magna Olea production be in a very limited and single batch.

Sensory analysis has to come with the chemical analysis to determine the quality and stability of extra virgin olive oil over time. The analysis results are indicative of the conditions in which the entire process of harvesting, storage and extraction were performed. The bitter and spicy are organoleptic sensations derived from the antioxidant polyphenols. The type of containers, the place and the length of storing (preferably on the 18 months from production date) are key factors in the oil's polyphenol content and that is why it has to be stored away from light, heat, contact with air and sources of intense smell.

Participate in exhibitions and concours is part of our history, proving the excellence and our high quality standards. In the last 10 years Magna Olea is consistency awarded by the best international prestigious concours, almost always with the best prizes.

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Based in Vale de Madeiro, Mirandela, the farm results from the fusion between two family properties with a long tradition in the exploitation of the land, the Andrade's and Gama's families. After 1989 the farm was carefully restructured and its an example of supported development and progressive growth in the last few years.

With more than 100 ha of corktree forested areas, and 20 ha of other land uses, the main treasure of the farm emerges from modest 48 ha of planted olive orchard, relative to about 8000 olive trees which are, since 2006, exclusively managed by the producer, Jerónimo Pedro Mendonça de Abreu e Lima, according to the best practices, being, this way, ensured the highest possible competence and quality at all stages. Such dedication results in one of the finest and most exclusive olive oils in the market, rare, pure, intense, full of personality, as the last international awards can prove.

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