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Finca la Torre - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hojiblanca Selection

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An award-winning extra virgin olive oil from renowned Spanish producer, Finca La Torre. Harvested from organically grown Hojiblanca olives, this oil is uniquely fresh and fruity with slight bitter and spicy notes. The flavor is persistent and balanced with flavors of green almond, apple and banana.

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The name (from the Spanish for “hoja”, leaf, and “blanca”, white) comes from the color of the leaf’s back side, making the tree look bright, and, from a distance, silver. It is found in Andalusia, to be precise in the east of the province of Seville, the south of Cordoba and all of the north of the province of Malaga. It accounts for about 16% of the Andalusian olive groves. It is used both for black Californian style table olives, due to the firm texture of its flesh, and for oil production.

The Drupe
Although the size fluctuates a great deal, the drupe is normally large to thick and weighs 4.3 grams on average. It is an almost perfect sphere with a high flesh-to-pit ratio, about 8. The drupe can also withstand cold weather well. It flowers in the first two weeks of May, with most blossoms at the beginning of the second week. It ripens quite late, between the end of November and the end of December, and once it is ripe it resists being picked, so harvesting is somewhat difficult. Its oil yield is low, with an average between 17-19%.

The Oil
From a physical – chemical point of view, it has a very balanced composition of fatty acids, with saturated acids that are relatively lower than in the rest of the oils of other varieties. Its composition is ideal for dietary purposes. As its stability is not very high and it oxidizes easily, this oil should be kept out of the light and stored without excessive oxygenation.

From an organoleptic point of view, it has an enormous range of flavors, but the most common are sweet at the beginning of the tasting, with a fresh grassy fruity aroma, a slightly bitter flavor of green fruit and other fruits that sometimes recall a fruit cocktail, slightly peppery in the throat and a final almond aftertaste.

Additional Information


Finca la Torre is located just 15 minutes away from the lively center of Antequera and is completely surrounded by 376ha of olive groves, fields, pine forest and flanked by two hill ranges. This exceptional location offers extensive views that sweep from south to west.

This privileged secluded location has one km long palm-lined avenue that offers spectacular sunsets and sunrises. The garden is the chosen point to enjoy the sight.

Visit us and delight yourself with the unique and stunning landscape, discover Finca la Torre’s aura, as well as, the remarkable Antequera’s region!

Ingredients No
Product of: Spain
Organic Yes
Volume 16.9 oz
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