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  1. Pu-erh Pick / Knife

    Pu-erh Pick / Knife

    A Professional Pu-Erh Tea Pick / Knife.

    When the cakes/bricks/tuos are extremely tightly pressed it is best to use a strong knife to carefully pry out some leaves. The technique that works best is to insert the knife into the edge of the cakes/bricks/tuos and then gently work it up and down until the tea loosens and falls off.

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  2. H1009102 - Shun - Higo-No Kami Personal Steak-Gentleman's Knife, 3.5

    Shun - Higo-No Kami Personal Steak/Gentleman's Knife, 3.5" Blade

    The ultimate gentleman’s personal knife. This style of knife is considered to be the first Japanese pocket knife.

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  3. H1009103 - Shun - Premier Paring Knife, 4

    Shun - Premier Paring Knife, 4" Blade

    Essential and beautiful, the Shun - Premier Paring Knife, 4" Blade is an indispensable kitchen prep knife. A thin lightweight blade and a razor-sharp edge make every paring task a breeze. 

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  4. H1009104 - Shun - Premier Chef's Knife, 8

    Shun - Premier Chef's Knife, 8" Blade

    Your Shun - Premier Chef's Knife, 8" Blade will probably be the most used knife in your kitchen. Perfect for slicing and dicing. Comes in extra handy when transferring cut food from board to pan.

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  5. H1009105 - Shun - Premier Serrated Utility Knife, 6.5

    Shun - Premier Serrated Utility Knife, 6.5" Blade

    The combination of serrated and fine edge means you get the perfect slice no matter what you're cutting with no tearing or squashing. 

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  6. H1009109 - Shun - Blue Butchery Knife, 6

    Shun - Blue Butchery Knife, 6" Blade

    Cutting is fast and easy with the Shun - Blue Butchery Knife, 6" Blade. From trimming vegetables and meats to slicing salami, it's handy for anything you'd do with a utility knife. Learn More

  7. Shun - Blue Kiritsuke Knives

    Shun - Blue Kiritsuke Knives

    Shun - Blue has designed this exclusive selection of classic Japanese culinary knives to meet the demands of professional chefs as well as avid home cooks. An all purpose superb tool every kitchen needs. 

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  8. H1023127 - Anna by RabLabs - Quadrado Spreaders, Smoke

    Anna by RabLabs - Quadrado Spreaders, Smoke

    Elegant and geometric, these spreaders make a bold statement on any hors d’oeuvres platter. They join ancient agate stone with modern design, creating a fusion that appeals to modernists and traditionalists alike. Learn More
  9. Anna by RabLabs - Kiva Cheese Knives Sets

    Anna by RabLabs - Kiva Cheese Knives Sets

    These unique sets of three cheese knives features polished, semi-precious gemstones, and electroplated silver or 24k gold. Learn More
  10. Deluxe Cheese Knives

    Deluxe Cheese Knives

    Swissmar has been providing quality products and service at affordable prices for over 20 years.

    Over the last few years, we have been expanding our own brand of Swissmar products such as raclettes, fondues, wine accessories, bamboo boards, cheese knives and accessories. You can now find Swissmar brand products in many countries around the world. Learn More
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